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Each parent or listed family member will have an individual account. A mailing about the Parent Portal is mailed to your parent(s) within the first two months of your first semester at Lehigh. An email will be sent to your Lehigh University email address with instructions regarding granting access to your parent(s). Students are able to grant parent access to the following areas: Account …


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Each parent or listed family member will have an individual account. A mailing about the Parent Portal is sent to your home within the first two months of your student’s first semester at Lehigh. Students will be sent information about the Parent Portal to their Lehigh University email address.


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If you have a six-character parent login/username, go to connect.lehigh.edu and select Parent Access to view student information for parents (schedules, grades, etc.). You need a parent account to access Parents info here. Contact the Registration and Academic Services office to request a parent account.


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Parent’s current email or home address as shown in the Parent Portal. Parent’s new email or home address for the Parent Portal. I didn’t receive a portal login. First, call Registration & Academic Services 610.758.3200 to confirm that the correct address is on file for you. Once you have confirmed your address, you can request to receive a …


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• Bursar Account Charge: See PARENT PORTAL above; $20 minimum. GoldPLUS Office is located in the IDEAL Department at 42 University Drive. Office hours are 7:30AM – 4:30PM (EST), Monday through Friday (except University holidays). Please contact us at 610-758-6169, or at [email protected], for answers to any questions you may have.


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Lehigh students enjoy a rich academic experience during the time they call Lehigh home. We offer a variety of programs and services that offer students a supportive learning and living environment throughout their time on campus. We also understand the integral role that you, as parents and families, play in the success of your students. The stronger the partnership between families and the …


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Use your Lehigh Credentials (username and password) to log in. Lehigh Portal click on the link and enter your Lehigh Credentials (username and password). Once you log on then click on the BANNER. Registration and Academic Services Office Secure Login click on the link and enter your Registration User ID and PIN